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4K track mattes for compositing, motion graphics video editing and vfx. Great results. Drag and drop, universal and plug-in free.

Easy-to-use solutions for hard-to-find effects.

As designers/producers, we like track mattes because they are easy to use and they get the job done. As track matte developers, we love the way they enable us to rapidly create elegantly simple, platform-neutral effects solutions.

Our track mattes are supplied as uncompressed 24fps Quicktime files with embedded alpha channels. Three sizes available: HD (1080p), UHD (3840x2160) and 4K (4096x2160).

These files are compatible with all compositing systems and NLEs and zip down approximately 950:1.

Play this demo full-screen to better see the three scan line densities/frequencies and watch how each of the nine track matte versions times out.

For true 720P HD, click the "V" at the bottom right of the video.

NEW! Raster Scan / Line Sweep Reveal Kit

Here's a classic, widely requested effect in a universal, plugin-free, drag-and-drop form. Set these files as alpha track mattes to reveal, line-by-line, top-to-bottom, the footage below.

Perfect for suspenseful shots/sequences that need to simulate a computer processing data, a video connection slowly being established or an object or image being scanned in / ingested.

Kit includes nine uncompressed 24fps Quicktime files with embedded alpha channels: 12-line, 27-line and 54-line reveals, each in slow, medium and fast versions.

Compatible with all compositing systems and NLEs. Clips can be flipped and resized, even non-proportionally, for added flexibility. Please note that AE CS6/CC now include this effect.

HD (1080), UHD (3840x2160) and 4K (4096x2160) versions. Our standard royalty-free license applies. View

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36.3 MB zip file
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38.8 MB zip file
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