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4K vector artwork and companion PNGs prepared for compositing and video editing apps


We are updating this 2004 legacy product, optimizing for 4K and repackaging the elements into smaller sets and individual objects.

Our first set from this library will be Scales and Hashmarks.

Stop spending unnecessary time in Illustrator!

Get moving with shapes developed and prepared specifically for motion graphics and video production.

Z-OBJECTS™ is a royalty-free library of stock vector art developed by and for motion graphics professionals working in After Effects, Flash and other industry-standard tools.

These precision shapes can be used as stand-alone objects, masks and mattes in compositing work and even imported into any 3D package and extruded to effortlessly create visually-rich objects.

They're also great for print design.

180 different design elements in six groups
(500+ objects, counting stroke and fill variations)

  · circular elements (52)
  · square elements (20)
  · targeting elements (28)
  · scales and hashmarks (40)
  · grids and screens (20)
  · gears (20)

Expertly crafted: shapes designed to rotate are perfectly symmetrical on one or both axes and bounding box center points and angular geometry (such as gear spokes) are precise. No wobbles. Perfect looping.

PDF visual keys for each element group (pages shown at right ) are easy on the eyes and print crisply. This site will soon contain a collection of tips and tricks designed to get you working in minutes.

AE import-ready: elements are supplied as individual RGB AI (.ai) files and as layered, group-specific RGB Illustrator 7 (.ai) files which can be imported directly into After Effects as pre-layered compositions with one common center point.

Multiple stroke widths and solids: we've saved AE artists from additional Illustrator tweak time by supplying each element in three stroke widths, or two stroke widths and a solid, where applicable.

Bigger is better: we've prepared these elements at a large size (20 inches/1440 pixels at 72 DPI) to eliminate, in most instances, the need to pre-compose and pre-rasterize.

Delivery specs:

· Library size: ~100MB uncompressed
· Download size: ~20MB zip archive
· Documentation: 6 PDF visual keys, 1-3 pages each
· Delivery medium: download zip archive and/or CDROM