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Shouldn't adding a simple effect be simple?

The vignette, from subtle to pronounced and from solid to textured, is an effective and proven technique for creating depth and drawing the eye toward a certain part of an image.

Whether you don't know how to use masks, have an app that won't support available plugins or just want a quick proof of concept before you invest time or money for another solution, our elegantly simple, static overlays are sure to meet almost all of your daily vignetting needs by producing consistently great results with minimal time, effort and expense.

Simply drag and drop these presized files over the target layer of compositions in any version of After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Vegas or any other video/image editing/compositing application. Adjust transparency and blending mode and, where applicable, tweak position. Done!

No need to create bezier masks, fuss with installation and configuration or guess if your feathering looks "right." Our vignettes are created using classic settings and each style comes in several variations for added flexibility. Simple. Foolproof.

Solid Vignettes (coming soon)

Seven solid vignette styles: horizontal & vertical ellipse, circular, horizontal, vertical, linear diagonal and "dome."

Circular and vertical ellipse overlays are horizontally oversized to enable positioning of the aperture. Vertical and horizontal vignettes can be adjusted to move the feather edge. See examples further down on this page.

Each style in several feather width variations.
30 ready-to-use, drag-and-drop 24-bit PNG files.
Completely platform/app/version neutral. Low render load.

Our standard royalty-free license applies. View